Our New Year’s wish: Bring Insiya Back!

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On 29 September 2016, the two-year-old Insiya was violently kidnapped by her Indian father. Despite pressure from the Dutch ministry, India does not deliver the girl. Her Dutch mother Nadia is desperate, but keeps on fighting to get her back. And we are fighting with her! Together with crime reporter John van den Heuvel, who has been working intensively on this case for years, we are starting a New Year’s wish campaign: #bringinsiyaback.


In a personal card to Insiya, Nadia writes her dearest wish for 2018. And that is to hold Insiya in her arms again. We support Nadia and hope that this wish will reach thousands of people over the world so that everyone can show his or her support for Nadia in her fight to get Insiya back.

Actie Nadia-Insiya ontvoerd


You can support the campaign by sharing Nadia’s wish through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by using #bringinsiyaback.

Are you curious about the story of Nadia and Insiya? In the latest edition of WENDY magazine, you will find an interview with Nadia. Click here to read the entire interview.

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